the Superlative (Pre-Intermediate Level)

Lesson Introduction

Dubai is a changing city. Read about how this city is changing, how people feel about the change and what they think about Dubai today.

Vocabulary to Note (as used in the article):
  1. crane - a machine for picking up heavy things, used at construction sites
  2. villa - (in the UAE) a house with garden; not an apartment
  3. closely - very carefully
  4. foreigner - a person from a different country
  5. ruler - the leader of a country
  6. port - a place that ships come to, pick up or drop off things, and then go
  7. trade - buying and selling between countries
  8. tower - a tall building or other structure
  9. symbol - a thing which gives special meaning to something
  10. freezone - a place in a country to do business freely
  11. tourist - a person who visits a different city, country or place
  12. century - 100 years
  13. decide - to choose something
  14. emirate - a state in the UAE

Article with Sentence Completion Exercise (Read and choose the correct words to complete each sentence.):

To preview article, open (in new window) a printable copy, without sentence completion exerecise.

Dubai: the Biggest and the Best

The tallest building, the most expensive hotel, the most cranes... the things we can find in Dubai today. a city in the United Arab Emirates. It is new towers, hotels, villas, highways and bridges. Many new people are going there and live. It is changing so much, and other cities and countries closely.

Some people do not like the change. They were born in , but their country is not the same. They , “There are too foreigners,” and they feel it is not their home now. But these changes come from the rulers. The rulers want to make it place.

Sheikh Zayed was the most important ruler and the first president the country. He built up . Sheikh Rashid was the ruler of built two new ports there. After he in 1990, his sons became rulers. son, Sheikh Mohammed, is the ruler now. He is changing Dubai into a rich, modern city.

In 1979, Sheikh Rashid the World Trade Center. This tower became a symbol for Dubai. the 1980’s Jebel Ali port and Jebel Ali freezone . These made Dubai very important port and trading city.

the end of the 1990’s, Dubai built building in the Middle East, the Emirates Towers. also built the most expensive hotel in the Burj Al Arab. Soon, Dubai became an important city for tourists and for .

The and fastest changes began after the year 2000. This was the of the 21st century. Sheikh Mohammed decided that anyone could buy a home. So more people started coming Dubai for working and living. Dubai is now city. It has the biggest and the best of many things. Other cities, other emirates and other now want to be Dubai.

321 words
Story composed by BD, adapted from the Superlative at A Word A Day (in the UAE).

Warning:  This will replace all answers above.

True or False:

  1. We can find many changes in Dubai, like new towers, hotels, villas, etc.
    True False
  2. Some people don't want Dubai to change so much.
    True False
  3. Sheikh Zayed changed Dubai into a modern city.
    True False
  4. The World Trade Center was built in 1980.
    True False
  5. Anyone from any country can buy a home in Dubai today.
    True False


Vocabulary Review
(Write the meaning of each word listed):

  1. A villa is...

  2. Foreigners are...

  3. A port is...

  4. A tower is...

  5. A century is...

Answers to All Questions in a pop-up box.
Feel free to challenge or disagree with any answers posted and offer suggestions.

Expansion Activities

The following activities may be assigned in a classroom setting in order to enable sutdents to understand the aritcle better and improve their grammar:
  1. After talking about the article, have students write a 25 word summary of it.
  2. Have students write 10 sentences using superlatives.
  3. Prepare a vocabulary test from the words listed.
  4. Prepare a spelling test on all proper nouns in the article.
  5. Have students write a paragraph about their favorite building in Dubai.
  6. Have students write a paragraph about one of the UAE's leaders.
  7. Have students tell whether they think change in the UAE is good or bad and why.


At Thu Jul 27, 01:33:00 AM GMT+4 , Blogger BD said...

Sentence Completion
There are 2. Dubai is 3. building 4. to work 5. are watching 6. the UAE 7. say 8. many 9. country's 10. a better 11. of 12. Abu Dhabi 13. Dubai. He 14. died 15. The younger 16. built 17. In 18. opened 19. a 20. At 21. the tallest 22. It 23. world, the 24. shopping 25. biggest 26. start 27. to 28. a famous 29. countries 30. like
True of False
True 2. True 3. False. Sheikh Mohammed is. 4. False. It was in 1979. 5. True
Vocabulary Review
1. a home with a garden 2. people from other countries 3. a place where ships come and go 4. a tall building or structure 5. 100 years


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