the Superlative (Intermediate Level)

Lesson Introduction

The superlative is an expression from grammar. It is used to describe and compare. The article below talks about Dubai and the UAE, and how the superlative has become a symbol for Dubai. Read the article to better understand the meaning of superlative.

Vocabulary to Note (as used in the article):
  1. annoyed - an unpleasant feeling
  2. identity - image
  3. native resident - a person who was born in a place
  4. effective - successful
  5. late - dead
  6. tranform - to change
  7. resource - natural things which have value
  8. found - to create
  9. field - a special area (of study, business, etc.)
  10. interference - coming in the middle of or controlling
  11. retail - business of selling
  12. industry - type of business, or business area
  13. freehold - land or property sold for permanent use
  14. recognizable - can be seen or understood
Difficult? Try Pre-Intermediate Level

The Article (Read carefully, then complete the comprehension exercises which follow. Open printable copy in new window.):

The Superlative, A Symbol of Dubai

Today in Dubai and the UAE the superlative can be heard everywhere. Some examples of this are the tallest building, the biggest shopping mall, the largest man-made island, the first underwater hotel, and so on.

Some people may feel annoyed at the use of so many superlatives, but this makes the UAE an interesting place to be in. The country is making a new identity for itself and Dubai, with its superlatives, has shown the way to do this.

Changes in the Country

Not everyone accepts the way the country is changing. More foreigners are entering the country and some native residents are feeling that it is no longer their home. But the changes which are taking place in Dubai, and the rest of the UAE, have come from its rulers. It is the course that they have chosen for their country.

Three rulers have been most effective in bringing about these changes. The first was the late Sheikh Zayed. He was the first ruler and founder of the UAE. The second was the late Sheikh Rashid, the ruler of Dubai until his death in 1990. He started Dubai on the path of change. Next was his son and present ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed. He has been the biggest force for change. It is his leadership that is now transforming the country.

These leaders have not wasted the valuable resources of the UAE, but have used them to develop it. Oil is the most important of these. The rulers of Dubai are preparing for the day when there will be no more.

Ports and Freezones

The first step in bringing about change and developing Dubai was to increase trade. The emirate had already had a history of trading. The Dubai Trade Center, built in 1979, became a symbol of that and a way to make trade an important part of Dubai's future as well.

The next step was the construction of a second large shipping port in Jebel Ali, in the 1980’s, and the founding of Dubai’s first freezone. A freezone would be a closed-off area within the country where companies could operate with little tax or government interference. Dubai, by chance, had found a new way to succeed in business. It would repeat these steps to gain success in other fields.

The 21st Century

It was the new port and freezone, that really began the use of the superlative in the UAE. The port in Jebel Ali was the largest man-made port in the world. Soon there were other success stories, like Emirates Airlines for the airline industry. Success also came in tourism and in retail. The Dubai Shopping Festival with its Global Village became part of a growing retail industry.

By the end of the 1990’s Dubai was ready to become a city of superlatives. Emirates Towers were built, and with them the tallest tower in the world outside of Asia and North America. The Burj Al Arab became the most expensive and tallest hotel in the world. Later there was the start of freehold property sales. This has made the Dubai model for success even more popular.

Now, in the 21st century, the superlative has become a recognizable symbol of Dubai’s success. It is a symbol that the rest of the UAE and other Gulf states are trying to create for themselves.
562 words

Article composed by BD, adapted from the Superlative at A Word A Day (in the UAE).

Comprehension Exercises
    Sentence Completion:

  1. Which is not an example of a superlative?

  2. What is it that some native residents do not accept?

  3. Which ruler is now having the greatest effect on change in the UAE?

  4. What happened in 1990?

  5. Dubai's World Trade Center was a symbol of Dubai's future and a symbol of

  6. Why was the founding of Jebel Ali port important?

  7. What effect did the new Jebel Ali port and freezone have on Dubai?

  8. Which is not an example of growth in the retail industry?

  9. When can we say that Dubai became a city of superlatives?

  10. What has made the Dubai model of success more popular?

    True or False:

  1. Everyone in Dubai and the UAE likes to talk about the biggest..., the best..., the first... and so on.
    True False
  2. Foreigners are causing many changes to take place in the UAE.
    True False
  3. In a freezone, the government carefully controls business activity.
    True False
  4. When Emirates Towers were built, there were no taller towers in Europe.
    True False
  5. The superlative is a symbol of Dubai's success.
    True False

    Pronoun References & Word Meanings
    (Tell what the highlited pronouns refer to and define the listed words):

  1. this at the end of the 2nd paragraph refers to~

  2. these in the last paragraph under Changes in the Country refers to~

  3. It, the first word in the first paragraph of The 21st Century refers to~

  4. A superlative is~

  5. A symbol is~

Answers to All Quesions in a pop-up box.
Feel free to challenge or disagree with any answers posted and offer suggestions.

Expansion Activities

The following activities may be assigned in a classroom setting in order to enable sutdents to understand the aritcle better and write in a similar manner:
  1. Each section under the three sub-headings may be summarized in a sentence.
  2. The article may be summarized in 50-75 words.
  3. Student may describe some of the changes taking place in Dubai, the UAE or the place where they live.
  4. Students, alone or in pairs, may search online, read about and report on (orally) the history of the Dubai Trade Center or Jebel Ali port.
  5. Students may iscuss some of the new projects being built in Dubai, the UAE and other Gulf countries now.
  6. Students may make a list of 10 sentences using the superlative.


At Wed Jul 26, 07:47:00 PM GMT+4 , Blogger BD said...

Sentence Completion
1. a huge tower
2. the way the country is changing
3. Sheikh Mohammed
4. Sheikh Rashid died.
5. Dubai's past
6. Because it became a successful model of business.
7. Both of the above statements
8. Emirates Airlines
9. around 1999
10. freehold property sales
True or False
1. False. Some are annoyed by this.
2. False. The country's rulers are.
3. False. There is little gov't interference.
4. True
5. True
Pronoun References & Word Meanings
1. make a new identity
2. the UAE's valuable resources
3. the new port and freezone
4. an expression which indicates that something is top in its category
5. anything which represents another thing in a simple, clear way


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